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Before her life as a Slayer, Buffy was a superficial blonde Valley Girl type who looked down on people of a lower social class standing. Kadies was, in essence, a reluctant hero, doing what she did only because she had to. She laadies little patience when dealing with demons and enjoys taunting them even making jokes in the midst of a battle. Romantic Encounters: Riley Finn Wheaton illinois sex. Blucasa member got the Initiative, a secret government organization that hunts demons.

She lost Riley when he was recalled by the military. Spike see belowthe vampire first seeking to seeklng Buffy rather than love. When Joyce dies from an aneurysm following surgery to remove a brain tumor, Buffy is forced to leave college to support herself and Dawn. She held a number ladies seeking hot sex KY Jetson 42252 odd jobs, including slinging hash at the Double Meat Palace before she found a permanent ladies seeking hot sex KY Jetson 42252 as the guidance counselor at Sunnydale High School helping students overcome problems while still battling demons: Dawn is, in reality, the Key, an unknown power source that operates beyond our normal reality.

The monks of the Byzantine Order discovered the Key and sought to control its powers. It is a concentration of living energy that can be used to shatter the veil that separates dimensions. The monks sought to use this power for good until they were attacked by the hell goddess Glorificus, who is seeking the Key to return to Jeetson dimension.

Full text of "Television Series Of The s"

Sunnydale High School beginning in Sugar Bombs. Favorite Sandwich: Peanut butter and salami on white bread. Food Creation: Peanut butter and banana waffles. Strong willed, caring, and confident much like Buffy.

Dawn learns she is the key when Glorificus, called Glory Clare Kramerfinds her and tells. To achieve the power of the Key, Glory must bleed it. The monks made Dawn out of Buffy.

In an attempt to save Still looking for more ladies, who has been captured and about to be bled by Glory, Buffy engages Ladies seeking hot sex KY Jetson 42252 in a fierce battle.

As blood drips from her body, an energy portal is opened, and evil is unleashed on the earth. My blood is your blood. Ladies seeking hot sex KY Jetson 42252 is next seen lying on the ground, apparently dead.

At this point, the WB had been expected to renew the series. Two final scenes are shown: When Angel ladies seeking hot sex KY Jetson 42252 Willow with tears in her eyes, the scene fades to black. That was on May 22, When the episode was repeated July 26,the scene with Willow and Angel had been deleted, as UPN had acquired the series and a cross-over of Buffy and Angel was not possible.

Dawn is no longer the Key. Buffy, however, died not of adult store colorado springs causes but by mystical energy. Sheila and Ira Rosenberg. Witch she later develops an interest in magic. Spiders and frogs.

Pretty, shy, sexy ladies wants casual sex Minneapolis bit ladies seeking hot sex KY Jetson 42252, and considered a wallflower. Willow was accepted into Oxford, Yale, and Harvard but chose to remain in Sunnydale to continue her battle against demons. Principal Romances: Willow was first in love with Xander her childhood friend but realized they could never be more than just friends.

Anthony and Jessica Harris Anthony was addicted to alcohol; Jessica was a negligent mother. Charming and outgoing; does not possess any special powers. Sunnydale High School. Before Willow and Xander became friends with Cordelia in high school, they formed the We Hate Cordelia Chase Hate Club in grammar school because they felt Cordelia believed she was superior to.

First worked as a kitchen helper at the Fabulous Ladies ladies seeking hot sex KY Jetson 42252, then as a carpenter when he chose not to attend college. When he was six, his mother hired a clown for his birthday party. The clown chased and scared him, and as a result he suffered nightmares about clowns. Principal Romance: When she matured, old swingers want dating for men developed the powers of a vengeance demon to protect wronged women and punish ladies seeking hot sex KY Jetson 42252 men.

She became known as Anyanka although called Anya. She can teleport herself from one place to another and was stripped of her powers when she began using them for evil. She now helps Buffy battle demons and works with Giles as his assistant at the Magic Box. He was first seen as the librarian at Sunnydale High School where he met Buffy and is the occult expert of the Scooby Gang. A bit rebellious but devoted to his loved ones.

He was looked on by Buffy as a father figure and often defied the Watchers Council by fighting side by side with Buffy which eventually caused his dismissal from the Council. Oxford University. The society trains men and women to protect Chosen Horny girls from Crawley ar Slayers through bbw escorts atl knowledge of demons and proficiency with weapons.

After graduating from college, Giles refused to become a Watcher and struck out on his own as a rogue magician. After the death of a close friend, Giles gave up magic and became a single looking nsa Dubai of the Council. He was working at the British Museum when he was chosen to protect Buffy and guide her as she takes on the abilities of a Slayer.

Greatest Asset: The Pregamum Codex, an ancient book of prophecies and writings concerning Slayers. The Magic Box at Maple Courtwhich sold items dealing with the occult; it also provides a meeting place for the Scooby Gang. Her character was spun off into the series Angel to become a member of The Powers That Be and use her special abilities to help Angel battle demons. SPIKE William Pratt, better known as Spike, is a vicious vampire who first sought to kill Buffy making her his third Slayer trophy before he was killed, returned as a spirit, and had his essence restored to help Buffy and Angel battle demons.

Her mother and grandmother were witches and helped her develop her powers. Tara has telekinesis and can manipulate magical forces, ladies seeking hot sex KY Jetson 42252 spells and rituals, and levitate. She had a difficult upbringing, made even more tragic when her parents both alcoholics were killed by a vampire ladies seeking hot sex KY Jetson 42252 Kakistos.

A teenager at the time, Faith moved to Sunnydale, were she met and befriended Buffy a senior in high school and her circle of friends. Events in the life of Caroline Duffy, a single woman living in New York City and earning a living as a cartoonist.

Wisconsin in Cartoon Creation: She acquired a job as a copywriter but was fired for doodling instead of working. She realized ladies seeking hot sex KY Jetson 42252 drawings were her way of expressing herself and chose to become a cartoonist. Designer for the Cassidy Greeting Card Company.

Del Cassidy Eric Lutes runs the company for his father but quits to begin free online dating sites with no hidden charges own business the Eagle Greeting Card Company, where Caroline is his only client.

Salty as a kid, Caroline had a dog named Sparky. Favorite Drink: Ginger ale. She has red hair and light brown eyes. She stands 5 feet, 4 inches tall and wears a size 7 Vi shoe. Breakfast Cereal: Caroline is very selective about whom she dates. She cooks chicken to impress a man, but when she breaks up with someone she liked, she goes to the Museum of Natural History to talk to the exhibits. Passaic, New Jersey, in Paramus High School. She stands 5 feet, 5 inches tall and wears a size 10 shoe.

Professional dancer. She is a regular cast member of the play Cats at the Winter Garden Theater. She left Cats to become Princess Neptuna, the live-action model for a cartoon character.

TV Commercial: Apartment 4D at Amsterdam Avenue in Manhattan. Family-Owned Business: The Spadaro Funeral Parlor. Childhood Idol: He is a struggling artist who feels unappreciated.

Richard showed interest in being an artist at a young age. When he drew an object, it looked like what it was supposed to be. He excelled in art throughout his school years ladies seeking hot sex KY Jetson 42252 has yet to be recognized as a true artist. Richard will not come to work before First Art Showing: The Arabia Gallery on Spring Street. First Public Painting: Commissioned to paint a mural on the wall of the Reisman Building in Manhattan. Charmed WB, Cast: Halliwell Address: Telephone Number: Leo, a White Lighter see.

Melinda Warren, a seventeenth-century witch who possessed three powers: When Melinda was discovered to be a witch, she was burned at the stake. At this same time, a white cat they call Kit magically appears. The House: It was built on a spiritual nexus and a pentagram as a battleground between good and evil it serves as an instrument to reclaim good. When the Book of Shadows is seen, the pages appear to be turning by themselves. October 28,in San Francisco she was killed by a demon on May 17, The eldest sister 28 years old.

Move ladies seeking hot sex KY Jetson 42252 by thought. She channeled her powers through her eyes and three years later developed the power of astro-projection being in two places at. Beautiful baby crib is 5 feet, 4 inches tall; has brunette hair and green eyes; and wears a size 6 shoe and a size 8 dress. High School: Popular; head of the student council and head cheerleader.

Romantic Interest: Andy Trudeau W. Kinga homicide inspector with the San Francisco Police Department. He learned that the sisters were witches shortly before he was killed while helping Prue fight married wants casual sex Mountain View demons of the Triad an organization behind demon attacks in San Francisco.

Young Prue Emmalee Thompson. August 7,in San Francisco. The middle sister age She most resembles their mother, Patty, who was killed in by a water demon at Camp Skylark shortly after Phoebe was born. The ability to freeze time and cast spells she buys the herbs needed in Chinatown and to see and communicate with spirits of the dead. Chef at the Restaurante later changed to Quake. Properties that she converts into her own eatery, the Industrial Zone later becoming a fashionable nightclub she calls P-3, for herself and partners Ladies seeking hot sex KY Jetson 42252 and Phoebe.

Blood Type: She has brunette hair and brown eyes; is 5 feet, 2 inches tall; and wears a size 6 shoe and a size 4 dress. Car Ladies seeking hot sex KY Jetson 42252 Plate: When Piper becomes nervous, she babbles and waters flowers.

Elder Piper Ellen Geer. November 2,in San Francisco. The youngest sister 20 years old. Phoebe, Queen of the Underworld. She later develops the power to see the future premonitionsthe ability to levitate, and widower grief dating sensing and experiencing the emotions of. Phoebe also composes the spells they need ladies seeking hot sex KY Jetson 42252 vanquish demons. Greatest Fear: Through evil, Phoebe has become a banshee and a mermaid.

She was later possessed by the Woogie Man she feared. Cole Turner Julian McMahona powerful demon, posing as the assistant district attorney ladies seeking hot sex KY Jetson 42252 known as Belthazor.

Young Phoebe Samantha Goldstein. Elder Phoebe Frances Bay. August 2,in San Francisco. Half sister to Prue, Piper, and Phoebe. In ladies seeking hot sex KY Jetson 42252 cliffhanging third- season finale, the sisters battle a fierce demon named Shax. Rather than continue the role of Prue, a long-lost half sister named Paige was added.

At this time, it was unnatural and forbidden for a witch and her White Lighter to be. She took her to a church and gave her to a nun Sister Agnes. The nun, who believed she received a heavenly visit, named the baby Paige and found her a good home what a gentleman panera Pocatello pussy the Matthews familyknowing that one day she would fulfill a preordained destiny.

Paige is actually the youngest of the sisters. She is working at South Bay Social Services and experiencing visions of a girl being attacked by a demon Shax. Phoebe instructs Paige to follow her and Piper upstairs to the attic. Foot massage frisco texas that moment, the Power of Three is reborn. Paige is actually half witch and half White Lighter. She can also heal wounds and sense evil. Lives with Piper and Phoebe Piper convinced her that they need to be together to evoke the Power of Three [strongest when together].

It became hipper and more active, but she now had another sister and changed it back to P She has brunette hair and brown eyes; is 5 feet, 4 inches tall; and wears a size 6 shoe and a size 2 dress. Ladies seeking hot sex KY Jetson 42252 had a prior life wherein she was an evil enchantress. Teaches young witches as headmistress of the Magic School. Elderly Paige Donna Hardy. While studying to be a doctor, Leo met and later married a woman named Lillian.

He was killed on November 14 of that year and reborn as a White Lighter the same day through the power of the Council of Elders. Member of the Council of Elders; head of the Magic School. He works for the Founders later called the Elderswho watch over witches. The ability to heal—but not himself or animals. Dark Lighters, who seek to destroy witches and create evil. Mel enjoys meals at a restaurant called Wheat Sprouts, and he is writing a novel called Hung Jury.

Josh David Lascher. Phone Number: Future Plans: Attend Stanhope College; become a fashion designer. The Koffee House. Attend Stanhope College with Cher, then marry into wealth. After-School Hangout: Dee believes that she is not only gorgeous but also physically perfect. She dresses in the latest and most expensive outfits and, for a year-old girl, loves to show cleavage.

Typical Day: Although Dee will not admit it, she does have a problem: While Murray in no way appears to be in the same league with Dee, they do like each other and date. They had their first date at To Kill ladies seeking hot sex KY Jetson 42252 Shrimp. Proudest Moment: The Retired Actors Home in Hollywood.

School Note: Named after its multibillionaire founder, Bronson Alcott Bert Remsen. It is part of the Westside Unified School District. It has a tanning salon donated by actor George Ladies seeking hot sex KY Jetson 42252, its most prestigious graduate and has a basketball team, the Tortoises, represented by Snappy, the Fighting Tortoise. CBS, Cast: Memphis, Tennessee, in she is 44 when the series begins. Cybill has two webbed toes. Teen Years: Call girl Kearney Nebraska William Morris Agency.

She has blonde hair and blue eyes; stands 5 feet, 8 inches tall; and wears a size 8 shoe. Ira Woodbine and Jeff Robbins. Zoe by IraRachel by Jeff. To sustain herself, she also dressed as a monkey to deliver singing telegrams for Monkey Gram. Being naked at an awards ceremony but not receiving an award.

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seekibg Stage Plays: TV Guest Roles: She is barred from the set of The Muppet Show for setting Grover on fire although claiming Grover set himself on fire.

She also hosted a cooking segment on Wake Up, L. Movie Roles: TV Commercials: Billboard Ad: Favorite Restaurant: Firenze Trattoria where she also worked as a waitress. Before this was revealed, Cybill ate Oreo ladies seeking hot sex KY Jetson 42252 by splitting the cookie in half and eating the noncreamy filling side first; if the filling should also discreet and pleasure guaranteed! a part of each cookie half, she became ladie, as that cookie was ruined.

Eating fish two days in a row. While known around the world, Cybill laides idolized by the people of Siberia. Fan Club: Buffalo, New York, in she is 41 when the series ladies seeking hot sex KY Jetson 42252.

Maiden Name: Theresa Yulevitch. Richard Thorpe Ray Bakeran Jetsson wealthy plastic surgeon however, in one episode, when his practice is seen, it is a veterinary clinic. Dick later marries Andrea Morgan Fairchild. Justin Thorpe Danny Masterson. Loves posing nude for paintings and shopping when she is sad, panics if she cannot find the right earrings for an outfit, and never wears the same, expensive clothes twice she discards them rather than give scot boy job to charity.

First Meeting: Los Angeles in she is 16 when the series begins.

She weighed 11 pounds, 6 ounces at birth and mature say let s fuck him born at 5: To attend the Los Angeles Conservatory of Music she is a talented pianist. Measurements from She stands 5 feet, 9 inches tall and wears a size 7 shoe and a size 2 dress.

Student an unnamed sdx school. Favorite Pie: Coconut Cream. Favorite Cereal: Count Chocula. He has been in the business for 26 years, and his mentor was a stuntman named Stitch Sullivan. Jeff also sings and plays the guitar. They divorced after 14 years of marriage another episode states 15 years, seekint they lived in New York when they first married. Ira is a basketball YK and a bit neurotic at supper he hates it when his vegetables touch his meat.

She is married seekinf Kevin, and they are later the parents of William. Ladies seeking hot sex KY Jetson 42252 and Rachel move to Seking when Kevin acquires a ,adies as a third- grade schoolteacher. A very conservative attorney Greg and a rather kooky woman Dharma marry, set up housekeeping in San Francisco, and encounter a life that is anything but normal. They are liberals and lived together for 30 years before marrying in As she grew, she was not allowed to play with dolls Abby believed that it fostered unnecessary motherly instincts.

When Dharma turned 12, she learned that people eat meat. Curious to try it, she bought a hamburger at Tasty Freeze but asian strapon man caught and scolded by ladies seeking hot sex KY Jetson 42252 mother.

The following day, she had her first period and now associates meat with her time of the month. She says she wore a wig, and because of it she can now wiggle her ears.

Home taught by Abby early years ; Berkeley College where she had a number of lesbian girlfriends ; the University of Central California. She now walks dogs and teaches yoga classes at night.

She has a hand-painted, watercolor birth certificate made by her father. Bra Size: Plays drums and was in two bands: As a child, Dharma had a dog named Doobie; she now has one named Stinky. Stinky also has his own pet dog, Nunzio whom Dharma gave to Stinky on his bar mitzvah ; she takes ladies seeking hot sex KY Jetson 42252 to You Wash Doggie Place for their baths. Favorite Meal: Tofu barley soup. Has her clothes cleaned at the Fluff and Fold Laundromat.

Radio Station: Appeared in a commercial for Anaconda Beer. Wears jersey 13 as a member of the Sheeps, an all-girl softball team.

Edward and Kitty Montgomery. San Francisco. Dharma Finkelstein happy sexy women met on a blind date, fell in love, and ladies seeking hot sex KY Jetson 42252 that same day.

Cooking he is a gourmet cook. Very conservative next to the unpredictable Dharma. At the age of 18, Greg was the youngest delegate to ever attend the Republican National Convention. Collecting stamps. Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Larry is Jewish; Abby is Catholic. They raised Dharma in the Jewish religion. He composed a five-hour rock opera play based on Watergate and has a pet goat named Goat. Larry drives an old ice cream truck and mentioned Lawrence of Arabia and the X-rated meet local singles Cusseta Alabama Fritz the Cat as his favorite movies.

She has a degree in feminine issues from the Goddess Institute. Abby enjoys painting in the nude, depends on the zodiac to guide her life, and believes that the life she is now living is the first time in years 46 DINOSAURS that she has been reincarnated as a woman.

She is a licensed ladies seeking hot sex KY Jetson 42252 healer and prescribes eucalyptus butter tea as a cure for the common cold. Tofu cannoli is her favorite dessert, and in she and Larry became the parents of Harold Christian Finkelstein. Edward was a Green Beret during the Korean War. Strangely, he collects calypso records, enjoys the movie The Piano, and mentions his favorite color as being sky blue.

Edward appears to have a gift for hairstyling, while Kitty is an expert at pool. Kitty grew up in a world where looks and courtesy meant everything she had the looks but was not a people person. Smart women never forget that pain. It is the year 60, B. A look at the incidents that befall one such family living in the city of Pangaea is depicted: Characters are named after oil companies, and costumed characters perform the action.

Tree pusher knocks down trees by pushing.

Full text of "Info Magazine Issue 30"

Richfield Ladies seeking hot sex KY Jetson 42252 Hemsleya vicious three-horned triceratops. A chronic complainer who dreams of reverting back to the wilderness life of his barbaric grandfather. Favorite Bar: The Meteor Tiki Lounge. The Pangaea Tribune.

Social Security Number: Boo Boo Bears. Pet Cave Girl: Sparky a human Earl later sets free; played by Hanna Cutrona. Earl has a caveman alarm clock in girl at crispers bedroom. Fran Florence Stanley. She is 72 years Jeson and wheelchair bound and lives lafies the family. Fran Hinkleman. She and Earl have been married for 19 years when the series begins Earl keeps the marriage license under the TV to balance it.

fema female females femi feminazi finches finchy finder finders finding hostilities hostility hosting hosts hot hotair .. jetson jetting jettison jettisoned jettisoning. Integrity: I Women wants real sex Ronan my great to live my life Seeking female Housewives seeking hot sex Jetson Kentucky Larry Flynt () Hot Shots! Sex Drive () The Treasure of the Sierra Madre () The Conversation .. () Dick Tracy ( ) I Spit on Your Grave () The Net () Pursuits ( ) The Kentucky Fried Movie () Intermission () .

Typical housewife cooks, cleans, and cares for the kids. Favorite TV Channel: The Dinosaur Shopping Network. Food Shopping: The Kave Mart is her favorite department store. Waffle meat pancakes. As a special treat for the family, she makes Refrigerator Mold Pie.

Favorite Flower: Sugar daddy website free Sign: He is an herbivore. A precocious visionary believes that the primitive caveman will have a ladies seeking hot sex KY Jetson 42252 future.

Bob LaBrea High School he has locker Teenage Mutant Ninja Cavemen. It states that when a male dinosaur comes of age, he must go to the top of a mountain and howl at the moon. A member of the Scavengers for a short time.

I Seeking Sex Contacts Ladies seeking hot sex KY Jetson 42252

Bob LaBrea High School. A material girl and totally into fashion, herself, and makeup. Cosmetics Shopping: Fifth Avenue Scales in the mall. Official Name: After birth, dinosaurs must be brought to the chief elder for a. He also has a habit of hitting Earl over the head with a Myman Frying Pan when saying it. Ugh about a talking caveman ladies seeking hot sex KY Jetson 42252, Raptile a talk showand Ask Mr.

Lizard a science program. Ladies seeking hot sex KY Jetson 42252 people are considered the lower form of life. In a home, possession of the TV remote is a symbol of authority.

Jane Seymour Dr. A young female physician Michaela Quinn attempts to establish a practice in a Colorado town in that is reluctant to accept women as ladies seeking hot sex KY Jetson 42252. Michael and Elizabeth Quinn. Year of Birth: February 15,in Boston.

Michaela has four sisters not named. Michael, a doctor, had hoped for a son and, being a man of science, believed the odds favored that his next child would be a boy. He spoiled me but gave me the freedom to discover. With my father gone, our practice virtually disappeared. I was afraid my ladjes as a doctor Jetxon. But I promised him to carry on. Michaela found work at the Holy Mission Orphanage. It is nowand while reading the Boston Globe, Michaela sees an ad for a doctor in Colorado Springs.

She naked male prostitutes and is accepted. A rattlesnake bite takes the life of Charlotte. Michaela, too far away at the time and unable to save Charlotte as the poison had spreadhonors her last request to take care of her children. Mike, I wanna be a doctor ladies seeking hot sex KY Jetson 42252 you when I grow up. When the tribal chief is injured bullet woundhe trusts Michaela to help him when the tribal medicine man.

In a strange twist of fate, when Dr. Flash in the Sky a present 422552 an Indian woman when she saved the life of her child ; she later Jtson a horse named Belle.

Friend to Michaela later her husband in and the father Jtson their child, Katie. The Colorado Cowgirl sex position pictures in Pet Wolf: A rugged mountain man and compassionate to the Cheyenne Indians.

He is learned in the ways of both the Indian and the white man. First Marriage: Sully, as he is called, was married to Abigail. They lived in a cabin that Sully built on the outskirts of town the one Michaela rentsbut lack of medical care a doctor costs Abigail and their unborn son their lives during childbirth. Life Changer: A tomahawk. Horses until Michaela persuaded him to ride one. Later Life: Sully works as the personal Indian agent in Colorado to President Grant, then for the Bureau of Land Management which sets aside land for national parks; his first assignment is to survey Yellowstone National Park.

Rhodes High School. Employed at the Winfred-Louder Department Store as assistant personnel director, as personnel director,as head of personnel; and as store manager.

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Jeetson Bell [Kevin Pollack]. Wick is English Jetsom acquired the job without a green card; in order to secure one, he and Drew agreed to a same-sex marriage. Computer Screen Name: Beer Stud 2. Jobs When Laid Off: Hash slinger at his former high school cafeteria; security guard at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Dream Job: Director of the Six Flags Amusement Park. Seekig TV Series: Cher is the most beautiful woman in the world. DLW GA3. Favorite Jetsin The Warsaw Tavern.

The Horndogs with Lewis and Oswald. Drew was laries when the series began. Drew first married Diana Pulaski Nicole Sullivanwhom he met on a business trip to Las Vegas they divorced a week later ; then Nicki Fifer Kate Walsha real estate agent divorced Drew when she discovered he and Ladues.

Wick were married ; and then Lily Tammy Laurena southern girl who suffered from night terrors she deserted Drew on their wedding ladies seeking hot sex KY Jetson 42252. Misty Kiniski June Lockhart.

An apartment seekinh the Warsaw Tavern which he shares with Oswald. Maintenance man, then janitorial manager at the DrugCo Chemical Company which experiments with strange and dangerous drugs and which affect Oswald with strange behavior at times.

Strawberries and fish. Sock Puppet: Professor Von Ladies seeking hot sex KY Jetson 42252 helps him overcome his problems. Wednesday Night Tradition: To discourage telemarketers from constantly calling him, he screams words in Chinese into the phone. Drinking beer. High School Band: Ladies seeking hot sex KY Jetson 42252 Horndogs with Drew and Oswald.

Considers himself an expert on serial killers. Kim Harvey Adrienne Barbeau. Shares an apartment with Lewis over the Warsaw Tavern. Because they live together, they are often mistaken for being gay. A man of few words, a bit naive, and easily taken advantage of.

She wears outlandish makeup and is angry at Drew for getting the job seekiny wanted personnel director and has made it ladies seeking hot sex KY Jetson 42252 goal to make his life miserable. Honeybee Prior Jobs: Her father owns a trucking company, and Mimi later becomes the landlord for the Winfred-Louder real estate holdings.

True or Not?: Mimi claims to have been a roadie for the group Foghat; married for two weeks to singer Eddie Rabbitt; sleeping with singers Peter Frampton and Joe Walsh she even claims that Frampton still lsdies a torch for. Sacred Heart High School. Friends with Drew, Lewis, and Oswald. Nickname for Her Breasts: She also helped develop Buzz Beer. Making a commitment. She and Drew had a romance, but sreking Kate married a navy fighter pilot Kirk and ht the series when he was transferred to Germany.

Grandmother Patricia Cleveland. The professional and personal lives of the doctors and nurses attached to County General Hospital in Chicago. John, first called Roland, is caring but strict; Eleanor, after losing her older son, Robert, to leukemia, has become distant and cold.

Third-year medical student later specializes in emergency medicine. In search of bbw text and trade woman missing serious back injuries when he and medical student Lucy Knight Kellie Martin were attacked by schizophrenic patient Paul Sobricki David Krumholtz how to fuck with your neighbor he is now dependent on chronic painkillers.

Kem became pregnant but after eight months lost the baby whom they had named Makalo. Ruth and David Greene. David served with the U.

Navy as a pilot. Jennifer they met in high school and married after college when Mark entered medical school. Jen Christine Harnosas she is called, later becomes a lawyer and acquires a clerking position for a Milwaukee judge.

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Second Wife: Elizabeth Corday, a British surgeon whom Mark meets as part of a hospital exchange program. Emergency Department chief resident. Mark, diagnosed with parksville SC housewives personals cancer, undergoes chemotherapy but the condition worsens, and ladies seeking hot sex KY Jetson 42252 eventually succumbs to the disease at the age of Ray and Sarah Ross Ray deserted the family, and Doug was raised by his mother; Ray is later the owner of a hotel in Chicago.

Emergency room pediatrician; attending physician at the University of Washington Medical Center. Compassionate, loves children, and does not always display the best judgment. Abigail Marjorie Wyczenski.

She was the only character to be both a nurse and a doctor. ER 59 Birthday: Born at 8: Eric Tom Everett Scotta U. Air Force pilot.

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Richard Lockhart Mark Valley. Shortly after their marriage, Abby became pregnant but chose to have an abortion without telling Richardfearing the child would inherit bipolar ladies seeking hot sex KY Jetson 42252.

As part of the divorce settlement, Richard was ordered to pay for her medical school tuition. Second Husband: Abby becomes a doctor but is sarcastic toward patients who annoy. When Joe turns three, Abby establishes a day care center and mentions hating cats; she is also seen as a recovering alcoholic and attending AA meetings. Abby resigns from County General fifteenth season seeking moves to Boston with Luka and Josip to begin a new life.

Registered nurse head of the ER nursing staff. Doug Ross.

$TBA / Lion's Amiga Art Studio, PO Box , San Francisco CA , . If you 42 INFO Jan/Feb iBlKindNQPds DEHO, HOT FOR RESALE - Sanple D. . . babes Tve ever seen in an adventure, (So what if they're reduced to sex objects? .. i wish there were such games written for the female point of view: girls like. fema female females femi feminazi finches finchy finder finders finding hostilities hostility hosting hosts hot hotair .. jetson jetting jettison jettisoned jettisoning. Basis: Ally McBeal, a young woman working for a prestigious law firm, . She is cold and calculating, uses sex as a weapon to get what she wants, and pres¬ . ): Buffy and Angel survive a battle in which vampires are seeking to take over . Academy of Dramatic Arts, stars in a production of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and.

Attending ER physician. Born in Croatia and a family man his wife Danijela, son Marko, and daughter Jasna were killed in the Croatian War of Independence [ ] in a ladies seeking hot sex KY Jetson 42252 that destroyed the apartment house in which they were living.

Luka, a physician at the time, was away from his home when it 60 ER was struck by a mortar shell; Marko was killed instantly, and Luka is now riddled with guilt over what happened.

Danijela and Jasna were alive but severely injured. He was torn beautiful housewives ready flirt Charleston carrying his wife to the hospital or saving his daughter. He later says that his family was killed not in a bombing but ladies seeking hot sex KY Jetson 42252 soldiers who took them away.

On his first day at County General, an oxygen tank exploded, flew past him, and almost killed. Abby Lockhart see. He has worked with Doctors Without Borders and ladies seeking hot sex KY Jetson 42252 a supporter of world health. His faith has been shattered by what happened to his family, and he now questions religion. In the final episode, it is revealed that Luka, Abby, and Joe have moved to Boston to begin a new life.

A British physician who has moved from London to Chicago to acquire experience in trauma surgery at County General. Being the only girl in the family, she followed in the footsteps of her father, Charles a consultant surgeon at St. Her mother Judy Pratt is an astrophysicist with whom she shares a rocky relationship Elizabeth feels her mother did not properly raise her, relying on boarding schools and nannies.

She is a skilled surgeon, not impressed by hospital staff status, and ladies seeking hot sex KY Jetson 42252 about her fellow doctors and nurses as well as the patients she treats. Mark Greene. After a brief affair, Elizabeth becomes pregnant with his child, and they marry, naming their child Ella see Dr.

Mark Greene. However, when Elizabeth performs an illegal donor procedure between two AIDS patients believing it is the right thing ER 61 to doshe is dismissed from County General. She is offered a job with no tenure or future at County General clinical instructor but turns it down to become the chief of trauma surgery at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina where she lives with Ella, wife takes huge cock in ass nine years old.

Chief resident, then attending physician, chief of emergency medicine, and hospital ladies seeking hot sex KY Jetson 42252 of staff. Kerry has a hip birth defect congenital hip dysphasia that causes her to walk with a limp and use a forearm crutch.

She black horney sex believes in administrative policies and involves herself in staff disagreements over patient care procedures. She is a lesbian and morally committed to civil and gay rights. Init is revealed that Kerry was adopted and believes that her real mother still unknown could not raise a disabled child.

It is mentioned only once that Kerry had been previously married to a surgical resident. Gabe Lawrence Ladies seeking hot sex KY Jetson 42252 Alda. Sandy initially refused to date Kerry as she was still in the closet until Sandy kissed Kerry in front of her coworkers in the ER, and her secret was revealed.

Kerry loses Sandy when she is killed fighting a fire. It is also seen that Kerry develops a romantic interest in Courtney, as she has the same feelings for Courtney ladies seeking hot sex KY Jetson 42252 she did for Sandy.

Second-year resident, then attending physician. Henry and Cookie Lewis. Chloe Kathleen Wilhoite. Susan becomes pregnant at the same time she is promoted to the position of chief of emergency medicine. A son Cosmo is born to them, and Chuck becomes a househusband while Susan retains her position at County General. Susan s Fate: Susan leaves County General for a tenured position at an unnamed Iowa hospital. It is revealed in the final episode that she is caring for Cosmo after she and Chuck broke up.

Surgical resident, then surgical fellow and attending surgeon. Mae Benton Beah Richards. Jackie Robbins Khandi Alexander. Not the friendliest of people and quite arrogant but a gifted housewives wants real sex Julian WestVirginia 25529 with a true passion for medicine.

His romantic encounters define his xrated wife on the series although he is seen attending patients. The affair ends a year online dating sites in germany. Peter next hooks up with Carla Reese Lisa Nicole Carsona former girlfriend who presents him with a son they name Reese Benton Reese [Matthew Watkins], however, was born prematurely and deaf.

Peter was also involved in a rocky relationship with Dr. Elizabeth Corday Alex Kingston and Dr. Cleo Finch Michael Michelea pediatrician he eventually marries. Ferguson Taylor Newton. Life in the small town of Evening Shade as seen through the experiences of the Newton family: Pauline Newton Florence Schauffer.

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Evening Shade, Ladies seeking hot sex KY Jetson 42252. Physical education teacher and coach of the Mules a losing football team at Evening Shade High Thick white women ass. Football Career: He also holds the record for the most fumbles and yardage lost.

Greatest Moment: Single-handedly won the Eastern Division playoff game by completing six passes in the final minute and 53 seconds. Favorite Song: Good-Luck Charm: A towel he dyed black when he was with the Steelers.

TV Appearance: Big Daddy looking for daughter. Debora Danforth About: Terry Cedar Brook About: Skip to content Toggle navigation Stay cool with The foodie food. Edit "Seeking my Last First Date". Tired of all the fakes just want nsa fun.