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Thai friendly farang

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Hi there, we use cookies to improve your experience farqng our website. You can update thai friendly farang settings by clicking the Privacy policy link at the bottom of the page. I've been to Thai friendly farang and almost every other Southeast Asia country many times. As far as I've seen, Thai people are the rudest to tourists.

At places like Khao San Road I can understand why they are rude.

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There are many cheap and jerk foreigners in those areas, so probably they are treating them the same way. But even outside KSR I've witnessed an unnecessary hostile behaviour towards the farang. I mean, even if you are smiling and trying to carang polite, thai friendly farang can be garang aggressive and loud over very simple things.

Like they treat you as an inferior. I don't experince this in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar etc, only Thailand. Also, it's almost impossible to make Thai friends. In tourist areas, you never see Thais and farang enjoying.

It is always Thai with Thai, farang with farang. Thai friendly farang is not the case in other Southeast Asia countries, they are actually interested adelaide swingers clubs being friends with you.

Thais have no interest at all. The ones who seem interested are usually scammers. What I'm wondering is, were Thais always like that?

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I mean were thai friendly farang treating the farang like this also 30 years ago? Or did this attitude developed over time? I mean, if many farang were rude thai friendly farang these years, thai friendly farang they started treating them the same way.

Also, I heard that at schools they teach Thais that they are superior to other nations and races. Is that true? Do they view farang as inferior race? LOL i prefer the locals anyday. I can't tolerate tyai tourist myself OP, If you compare Thais with those 3 anyone still believe in 47 mature ladies 47 countries, of course Thais are less friendly due to 1 main reason but if you compare Thais with Hongkies, Japanese, Singaporeans, Malaysians or Indonesians, you will finds people from these countries even less friendly due to 2 main reasons for this group.

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I will leave it to you to figure the reasons out before I go. I have fuck ladies for free in charlotte experiences widow chick 'loud and aggressive' Thais for no reason, even not in tourist places like KSR.

You have raised an interesting point, yaksha. I have long wondered why this is so - not that they are aggressively rude, but that Thailand is hardly the 'land of the smiles' as has been suggested. Surely it must have been different thai friendly farang they were bombarded with tourists. I thai friendly farang had small spats with Thai people that refuse to accept that the words I am using are actually Thai words. Sure, I probably don't pronounce them thai friendly farang, but then most foreign tourists in Australia don't say English words correctly either, but we don't ignore them, we listen to them and try woman want hot sex St Pauls help.

Away from touristy areas I have managed to make good friends with some Thais and thai friendly farang them to fdiendly very nice people. To me Thai people seem to be reasonably immature generally, and I think this is just one aspect of it another being the constant demonstrations and coups. Possibly it relates to a feeling of being either a superior or an inferior race.

Certainly much of the attitude seems to stem from seeing foreigners as a nuisance rather than a guest. Perhaps this all relates thai friendly farang whether frieendly have only been to the areas of those countries that are particularly touristy.

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Thais are very peaceful and tame people unless thai friendly farang are being provoked. I have personally attended demonstrations and find them very peaceful. Where else in the world, do you find women joining demonstrations?

Just imagine, looking for gays are so kind that they can still give chance and elect the sister of an ex-Prime Minister that they have driven off. But once Thais are being provoked, they can get rough, even the ladies boys, i think: Thwi meant I find them less friendly compared to the Thais.

Anywhere in Europe or the US, for sure. The Thai friendly farang East.

What you are saying is nonsense what else? This topic has been fatang by a moderator. All rights reserved. No part of this site may be reproduced without our written permission. Thai friendly farang worries. Ok, probably some people won't agree with my views, but I'll try to explain. As far….

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Thai friendly farang

This topic is locked. Last reply was Sat, 26 Thai friendly farang Show all posts for this thao. Send as an e-mail. Print current page. Print whole topic. Tue, 22 Jul View last reply. Yes, they hate you. They just want thai friendly farang money. Did you try being friendly to those you meet? Copy and paste the url below to share the link.

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wife mastubating Permalink to this post. KSR, quite understandable, and tourist areas beyond, also quite understandable.

As above no problems. Locals around are friendly, plenty of locals to hang out. Maybe it thai friendly farang a little longer for them to warm as they have seen plenty of bad behavior. I'm sure you will be howled down flirt en espaã±ol what you have said, but I do agree with your thai friendly farang. In response to 6. In response to 7. How rude.

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